Is Your Roof Due For Repair?

How Do I Know If My Roof Needs Repairs?

This is a big question on many homeowners’ minds. Is it time for roof repairs? If your roof is starting to get old, if you’ve been at this location more than seven years and you’ve never had your roof serviced, or if your neighborhood has been hit hard these past few years by hail storms and blizzards, chances are that your roof could use some attention.

Check for the signs outlined in this post. If you notice any of them, it’s time to call your local roofers and schedule an inspection. A reputable roofing company will let you know what needs to be done, and how soon you should get the work done to avoid additional damage to your property.

Cracked, Curling, Or Buckling Shingles

A telltale sign that your roof needs service is the presence of shingles that are cracked, curling, buckling, or weather-worn. If most of your roof has shingles that look deteriorated, then you may need a full roof replacement, but if only certain sections are worn, you may be able to get by several more years with just the damaged shingles replaced.

Ceiling Or Wall Stains

If water is seeping through a leaky roof, you may (or may not) notice wet spots or dark stains on your ceilings or walls. Even if you see only one area that shows discoloration, get your roof checked out. Repairing the section of roof that’s leaking now can halt further damage to your home. The sooner you have this taken care of, the better.

Missing Pieces

If you take a look at your roof and notice that a tile is missing, or a section simply looks odd or different, get it checked out. Sometimes a single shingle blows away, or a piece of flashing detaches from the rest of the roof. This can leave sections unprotected. Timely repairs can prevent water from seeping through the exposed parts of your roof and entering your home.

Mysterious Sand Around Your House

Have you seen sand or gravel on the ground in places around the house and wondered where it came from? It’s possible that it slid off your roof. If you have asphalt shingle roofing, tiny bits of sand-like rocks start to fall off as your roof ages, or after a particularly wicked storm. If you find mysterious pieces of gravel near your house, or even washed away down your driveway, your roof may be the culprit. Have it inspected by a reputable local roofing company that can accurately tell you if your roof is fine, if repairs are needed, or if it’s time for a roof replacement.

Peeling Paint

If you see paint peeling high up the exterior walls of your house near your roof, it’s possible that an excessive amount of moisture is running down the walls instead of being carried away by the gutters. You may need some roof repairs done, or you may need your gutters replaced. Either way, it’s a good idea to get the problem checked out.

Visible Wear And Tear

Other visible signs of wear and tear may be present. On or around your roof, you may notice rust spots, caulk that’s cracked or missing, or issues around chimneys and vents. If you see anything suspicious, call your local roofers for a closer look.

Contact Your Local Roofing Company

If you notice any of the signs we mentioned above, or if for any reason you suspect that your roof needs repairs, contact Adept Construction. As a professional roofing company serving Downers Grove, Villa Park, Naperville, and surrounding communities, we can inspect your roof and determine which repairs, if any, are needed. Don’t jeopardize the integrity of your home. Contact Adept Construction today for your free estimate!

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