The Benefits Of Properly Maintaining Your Roof

Your home relies on a roof that’s intact and working tirelessly to protect it. From the walls to your furniture, and from your exterior (and interior!) paint job to your carpeting, so much of your house depends on the integrity of your roof. If there is a leak, any part of your home can ultimately suffer, requiring replacement and potentially draining you of your savings.

If it’s a leak that you can see the signs of, you can attack the problem and have it taken care of right away (although be aware that local roofers may be backlogged and even when you need immediate help, you may or may not get it in time).

If it’s a leak that you don’t see, then water could be accumulating somewhere unseen, ultimately creating issues that require you to move out for a spell while the problem is remedied. This is NOT a situation you want to find yourself in!

For these reasons and more, it’s very important that you have your roof checked and maintained periodically. Read on to learn more about the potential hazards and how to avoid them!

Avoid Disasters

So what can go wrong if your roof leaks and you’re not even aware of it? Let’s look at a possible scenario that homeowners have actually experienced. This is the type of disaster you’ll want to avoid!

Here’s the scenario: Your roof has a leak. But it doesn’t drip into the middle of your living room or your bedroom, where someone would notice right away. Instead, the leaking water begins to pool inside a wall in a room that doesn’t get used or looked at much.

It takes time, but before you know it, that wall is saturated. Mold grows inside. The wood becomes waterlogged; soon the drywall does, too. Before anyone even realizes it, water seeps into the carpet (or whatever flooring is in place, whether it’s tile, wood, laminate, or something else). Next the items stored away in that room start to get affected, either through the high humidity that’s present, from the water that’s seeping in unnoticed, or because of the wall that’s ready to crumble on them!

If that water-logged wall does crumble, you have a huge problem on your hand. The wall will need to be rebuilt. The ruined items in that room will need to be replaced. That whole wing of your home will lose its integrity, putting a strain on other sections of your home. You will have an unexpected rebuilding and remodeling project on your hands, which likely will not even be covered by insurance, and you’ll have an astronomical bill on your hands.

Avoid this nightmare; take care of roof maintenance to make sure nothing like this ever happens to you, your home, or your loved ones.

Maintain The Structural Integrity Of Your Home

Your roof completes your home; an intact roof protects everything and everyone inside, keeping people and belongings safe. A properly maintained roof contributes to the structural integrity of your home. One that hasn’t been maintained or repaired correctly, especially after a huge blizzard, snowstorm, windstorm, hailstorm, or large tree branches (or other debris) falling on your roof, will take away from that integrity you need.

Avoid Having To Install A New Roof Too Soon

What’s more, maintaining and repairing your roof in a timely manner can prolong its life. Say a branch does fall on a portion of your roof. Chances are good that only that small section needs to be repaired; the rest of the roof is unaffected. If you take care of the damage in a timely manner, great! However, if you wait too long, that damaged area may affect the rest of your roof, in which case you’ll need a full replacement versus just a smaller maintenance job.

Some Maintenance Jobs To Consider

If you’re wondering what types of maintenance your roof may need, here are some tasks to consider:

  • Replacing individual shingles that have broken or fallen off
  • Finding and fixing holes in the roof
  • Rebuilding areas where water pools to ensure it drains properly
  • Installing new gutters and fixing up any water-damaged areas next to the gutters

A roof inspection will reveal any issues present, and a reputable roof repair company will tell you exactly what state your roof is in, for the protection of your family.

Inspect Your Roof Today!

Adept Construction can inspect your roof in Downers Grove and beyond and let you know if any problems needs to be remedied right away. We can also let you know if your roof is in great condition, and give you an estimate of how many years of life your roof has left. To make an appointment, give us a call today!

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