5 Facts About Roof Leak Repairs

Regardless of whether it’s the rainy season or not, roof leaks always seem to happen at the most inopportune times. Illinois homeowners are no exception to this unfortunate truth, which is why Adept Construction has been serving the Naperville community with roof leak repairs for years. 

In this article, we’ll learn about five lesser-known facts regarding roof leak repairs. Become a more educated and prepared homeowner by reading on!

Fact 1: Rain Isn’t the Cause of Most Leaking Roofs

It might sound counter-intuitive, but the majority of roof leaks can be traced back to sunny, hot weather. Although rainwater might initially collect on your roof, it is the subsequent process of drying from sun exposure that really causes the damage to the structure. 

Weakening of a roof begins when rainwater, snow, and other debris pile onto the shingles or tiles and add weight to the structure. This weakens the construction, and even once the rainwater has evaporated or the snowmelt has drained off, the already compromised area is further damaged by chronic and constant heat exposure. This means that an early springtime rainstorm can actually start to take its toll in the later summer months, when Illinois heat and humidity literally go “through the roof.”

Fact 2: Roof Maintenance is Cheaper than Roof Repair

Most people think that they can skimp on roof maintenance, figuring that it will need to be replaced eventually, so upkeep won’t make much of a difference. This may be a common idea, but that doesn’t make it correct.

Indeed, construction professionals and DIY home-improvers alike agree that it’s a much better investment to make regular maintenance upgrades to your roof, rather than waiting for every shingle to go to shambles. A full roof replacement can cost thousands of dollars, whereas recurring maintenance takes a little bit of forethought — and a lot less cash. Furthermore, regular checkups can greatly increase the lifespan of your roof by five, 10, or even 20 years!

Fact 3: Look Around for the Source of Leaks

If you notice a leak in the living room, you might assume that’s because the damage to your roof is located directly overhead. But a closer inspection may reveal that the hole needing a patch is in an entirely different area of the roof. This is because the slope and structure of roofs cause moisture and debris to travel downwards in various ways. 

For example, a crack or gap that is found in the north part of your roof where less sunlight tends to hit may be susceptible to greater buildup of water damage, but if there is a pathway for the moisture to travel through gutters or internal areas of the roof, you might find the leak in a room on the opposite side of the house. Knowing the structure of your home, inside and out, isn’t totally necessary to finding and fixing a leaky roof, but it can certainly help you confirm that you’re not just imagining the source of cumbersome issues!

Fact 4: Rain Falls in Different Ways

Rain often looks as though it is falling straight downwards—gravity, right? But this is rarely the case. The slightest shifts in wind speed and direction have a large impact on the trajectory and force of falling raindrops. Contrary to popular belief, rain can fall sideways or even complete a full vertical circle before falling back down onto your roof. This causes the drops to land with much greater force, leaving the integrity of your roof all the worse for it.

Fact 5: Installation Makes an Impact

Say that you make a concerted effort to maintain your roof and stay on top of repairs before they devolve into major replacement projects. But if your initial installment of shingles, tiles, or vinyl was executed improperly, it’s very likely that the problems began long before a single crack emerged. 

The quality of your roof installation has the largest impact on whether the structure will be able to withstand potential leaks in the future. If you think you’re saving money by going with a super-cheap roofing contractor, that will most likely come back to bite you and your wallet. As with any smart investment, it can sometimes cost a bit more upfront to install a roof properly, but in the long run it will pay dividends in the amount you’ll save on leak repairs and the like.

If you’re currently dealing with a leaky roof or you think it might be time for some shingle renovation, look no further than our expert roofing contractor services at Adept Construction of Naperville, IL.

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