What Causes Roof Leaks?

If you’re like most of us, you expect your roof to do its job. You rely on it to keep your home safe and dry. In the vast majority of homes, the roof IS doing just that; it’s serving as a protective barrier between your home, its contents, and the people and pets who live there, and the sometimes harsh outside world.

A roof that’s older or worn, or that was improperly installed, may need service in order to continue to protect your property and your family. A leaky roof can cause tremendous damage over time, sometimes without you even noticing until large-scale repairs become necessary.

As with most issues, it’s always best to find the problem and take care of it early on, well before it escalates into a repair project that may be time-intensive, expensive, disruptive, or all of the above. Scheduling a roof inspection is one way to check your roof for issues that need to be taken care of promptly.

Major Causes Of Roof Leaks

What can cause a roof to leak? Here are several possible causes:

  • The roof has been damaged from an extreme weather event, such as hurricane-force winds or large hail.
  • Shingles have blown away, leaving the underneath layers exposed.
  • The material around vent pipes has cracked or degraded, creating gaps.
  • Fallen tree branches or other debris have caused damage to the roof.
  • The roof is old and has been through substantial wear and tear over the years.
  • Gutters are clogged and backed up, creating pools of water that fail to drain off the roof.
  • Improperly sealed holes have been left behind after rooftop installations of antennas, solar panels, or other components.
  • Shingles or other roofing materials have cracked as a result of large, rapid temperature fluctuations or frequent weather extremes.

There are other reasons a roof can be leaking. Regardless of the cause, the results of a leaky roof can be significant, costly damage affecting the structure and integrity of your house.

Find And Address The Problem Early

You and your family will have the best possible outcome when the issue is detected and repaired early. If the leak is small, chances are the resulting damage will be minimal, and it can be repaired without high costs or major interruptions involved. Regular roof inspections can be a great way to check for and find small roof leaks before they turn into big problems.

Contact Roofing Contractors In Naperville

If you suspect that your roof is leaking, or that any part of your roof may be damaged and in need of repair, contact Adept Construction today. We are local roofers who’ve been in business for over two decades, taking care of our community’s roofing needs and keeping residents’ homes safe through structurally sound roofing solutions.

Signs of a leaky roof include water stains on the ceiling, interior walls, or exterior walls, the presence of mold or mildew, sections of the ceiling or walls warping, chipped or discolored paint, or drips from the ceiling. Any of these signs point to issues that need prompt attention. If you notice any of these indications and you live in or around Naperville, Villa Park, Downers Grove, or neighboring communities, please give Adept Construction a call. We’ll send a qualified roofing specialist over to inspect your roof.

Are you a small business owner? A leaky roof can ruin your business, forcing you to close for an extended length of time while damage to the building is repaired. If you notice any signs of a leaky roof at your business, let your landlord know. Or reach out to Adept Construction, and we’ll inform your landlord that there may be a significant problem that we can take care of before it requires extensive, costly repairs. Contact us today!

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