How to Get More Life Out of Your Roof

The longer your roof lasts, the better off you’ll be.

As a homeowner, the last thing that you want is to have to replace your roof prematurely. Replacing a roof before its time is a waste of your money, and it’s not as if roofs are cheap. Luckily, though, when it comes to the lifespan of your roof, you have more control than you might think. There are a lot of steps you can take to increase your roof’s lifespan, and the expert roofing contractors at Adept Construction are here to help! Here are our top tips for extending the life of your roof:

#1. Get your roof professionally inspected.

While it’s always a good idea to regularly inspect your roof on your own, especially after heavy wind or a hail storm, it’s also smart to hire a professional to inspect your roof every once in a while. Regular, professional inspections help to extend the life of your roof because they help to catch minor, easy-to-fix problems. And, the thing about roofing problems is that they don’t go away if you don’t address them; they only get worse and more expensive to fix. So the sooner you can catch and fix them, the less money you’ll have to put into your roof and the longer it will last.

#2. Replace shingles as needed.

Shingle issues can create big problems for your entire roof. For instance, if your shingles start curling at the edges due to heavy wind, they can no longer adequately protect your roof from moisture, which could lead to leaks or even a rotted roof deck. Other shingle issues to watch out for include granules in the gutters, missing shingles, buckling, cracking and blistering. All Of these things can and will be caught during your professional inspection, but you’ll still want to keep a close eye on your shingles throughout the rest of the year to watch for signs of trouble. If you do notice any issues with your shingles, make it a point to replace them right away.

#3. Clean out your gutters.

Your gutter system plays an essential role in keeping moisture off of your roof, and it is the first line of defense against roof leaks. However, your gutters need to be properly maintained with regular cleanings. When twigs, leaves and other debris starts to build up in your gutters, it clogs them, making it impossible for moisture to get safely directed away from your roof and your home. This simple task can go a long way to making your roof last longer and preventing the need for future repairs.

Is is time to have your roof inspected?

There are lots of things you can do to extend the life of your roof, and you’ll be able to learn about a few more of them in our next blog, but they all boil down to the same thing — staying on top of any issues that come up. And, the only way to do that is by getting your roof inspected on a regular basis. If it’s been years since your roof was last looked at by a professional, our roofing contractors in Villa Park are here to help. Contact us today to schedule your roofing inspection.

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