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When you need to replace the roof on your home or business in Glen Ellyn, you can rely on Adept Construction to do exceptional work. Our experienced roofing contractors are proud to use top-quality materials, and we communicate with our clients throughout every step of the project to ensure a positive outcome. We’re committed to offering all of our clients the best roofing services available, and we’ve been doing so since 1997.


If you’re ready to get started on your roofing project, you have several different options to choose from for your building’s needs.

Composite Roofing

Composite roofing is made from a combination of recycled products and plastics, and for that reason, it’s generally considered an environmentally conscious option. It is available in a number of styles and colors, some of which can mimic the look of wood or slate roofs.

Flat Roofing

Flat roofs are solid structures made from masonry or concrete. They are covered with a waterproof membrane made from modified bitumen, TPO, or EPDM. Flat roofs aren’t technically flat, but are built with a pitch of about 10 degrees to encourage drainage. These kinds of roofs are typically found in drier climates but, done correctly, can work well in our region. Installing flat roofing involves replacing the waterproof membrane.

Cedar Roofing

Cedar roofs are made of wooden shingles or shakes. Cedar roofs are generally easier to repair than some other options, as you can replace individual shingles or shakes, rather than having to replace the entire roof.

Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Asphalt shingles may be the most popular option for roofs. They’re available in many different colors, so no matter what your home or business looks like, you’ll be able to find something that looks great to match. Additionally, asphalt shingles are relatively inexpensive and very durable. What’s more, they are easily maintained. Roofing shingles consist of a glass fiber reinforcing mat coated with asphalt that contains mineral fillers. Fillers help the waterproof asphalt stick to each mat.



We also offer roof repair services in Glen Ellyn, along with our installation services. You’ll receive repairs from highly trained experts who can successfully repair composite, asphalt shingle, cedar shake and flat roofs.

If wear and tear is more extensive than simple repairs would fix, we may recommend complete roofing replacement.



The cost can vary depending on a number of factors, including the size of the roofing area and the materials used. However, the experts at Adept Construction work hard to keep our rates competitive. We’ll let you know of the final cost of your roofing project before we get started. With us, you won’t have to worry about any hidden fees or other expenses coming up.


If you want some of the best roofing services available in and around Glen Ellyn, consult with the experienced roofers at Adept Construction. We have the collective experience necessary to give you what you want with every roofing project. We have provided roofing services for many types of homes and businesses, meeting the needs of every customer with only the best roofing materials available. We won’t be satisfied with the final results until you are.

If you need more information about your roofing options, or if you’re ready to make a decision, we at Adept Construction are ready to help. To find out more about the services we offer, talk to one of our roofers today.

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Thank you for considering Adept Construction for your roofing needs. We recognize that a new roof is a major investment, and that selecting roofing materials and a contractor isn’t something you do every day. We will take the time to evaluate your home, help educate you, and provide you with exceptional service and quality installation. Contact us today!