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Naperville Vinyl Siding

Vinyl’s popularity among homeowners has persisted for decades because it is a low-cost material that is simple to install and available in various styles, sizes, and colors. As a siding material, vinyl requires little in the way of upkeep, but for optimal results, it is best to have it installed by an expert who has worked with vinyl before.

Reasons why customers of VIS Exterior choose vinyl siding

  • A wide range of sizes, shapes, and hues means you may get the classic wood look without the high price tag or time commitment required by using actual wood.
  • Naperville, Illinois, is known for its extreme summer heat and bitterly cold winters, yet modern manufacturers develop products that can withstand both.
  • You won’t have to replace your siding as often with vinyl since it is so durable.
  • Our siding is a high-performance solution that will help you save money on your energy bills without sacrificing aesthetics.
  • Vinyl must be washed once a year and requires very little care. Get in touch with us if you need an inspection of your siding after a severe hailstorm.
  • To begin with, the cost of the siding material itself is lower than that of other types of siding, and the cost of the installation labor is lower yet.

Vinyl Siding Installation

Unless you’re siding a brand-new house or have already removed the old lap siding, you’ll need to line the wall with sheets of rigid-foam board, typically 1/2 inch thick, before installing the siding. Although rigid foam may be used as insulation, its primary purpose is to create a smooth surface for nailing. You may use galvanized shingle nails to attach the stiff foam and the siding.

Siding Repair Naperville

Your home’s siding is subjected to a barrage of harsh environmental factors. The beams that support your house may decay or distort if exposed to elements like rain and water. Your house’s structural integrity may be compromised due to this.

Repairing your siding is a task we can assist you with. Among the many

varieties of siding on which we are specialists are:

  • Aluminum siding
  • Vinyl siding
  • Hardie Board (fiberboard) siding

We promise to treat you, your loved ones, and your house with the utmost respect. You can count on us to make siding repairs to your home as easy as possible. When we’re finished, your house will look great and be well-protected. While we’re fixing it, you’ll know exactly what’s happening at every stage. We’re here to help whenever questions arise.

Give us a call now for a free estimate. 

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